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In one of the most beautiful places by the Limfjord, directly opposite of Jegindø, is an old inn with a special history: In 1823, a young fisherman named Christen Pedersen, settled in here.

Due to his past as a military drummer, he was called Chresten Tambour by the locals. For rescuing a young girl from drowning, he was rewarded by King Christian the 8th with permission to operate a ferry service to Jegindø.

Later, Chresten Tambour excelled again. By joining a local gang of criminal racketeers, he managed to lure them into a trap so that the entire gang was caught. Once again, the King rewarded the resourceful fisherman. Today there is no longer a ferry to Jegindø. A dam was built in 1915 so that this interesting island community could be easily visited. But the inn is still here. With due respect for traditions, it has developed into the place that forms a good center for experiences in this peaceful corner of Denmark.